How to Get Approved to Rent an Apartment Without a Rental History

How to Get Approved to Rent an Apartment Without a Rental History

How Can I Get Approved to Rent An Apartment With No Rental History? Local Records Office

Getting approved for your first apartment with no rental history could be a difficult challenge. Since landlords are known to be wary about opening their doors to new tenants who don’t have a renting history.

Therefore, how are new renters suppose to qualify with no type of records of paying rent? This is a classic case of “Needing an ID to get an ID”. You need to convince your landlord you’re as responsible as they come.

If there’s a way there’s a will, first-time renters have been getting approved since renting an apartment has been around.

“Getting approved by a landlord takes prepping and the right documentation,” says Xavier, a 10-year renter in Bellflower, CA. By following the steps below you’ll have a greater chance of being approved.

How to Get Approved to Rent an Apartment Without a Rental History?

Landlords want to see that you have the monthly income to pay rent in a timely manner. So before you start submitting your application to different landlords across town make sure to gather the appropriate evidence. Evidence that will support your monthly income and savings.

The main thing the apartment manager and our landlord wants to see is that you have a stable income to put towards rent.

“If you have a relative or friend who has rented before they should be able to look over your documentation and give you pointers,” says, Gary Cana a former renter in Bellflower, CA.

Documents of a stable income are not the only things you need to have. There are other things that will strengthen your chances to qualify.

The pros at the Local Records Office created a list of the paperwork you should bring along to the meeting with your potential landlord. If you don’t have all the paperwork on the list try to get the majority.

6 Things You Need to Have When Trying to Rent an Apartment for the First-time

  1. The original or a copy of your 3 years of income returns, detailing your income history.
  2. The original or copies of your pay stubs for the past 3 years, proving your current income.
  3. Get your boss or manager to write you a letter that states how long you’ve been working at your job. Write down the company name, phone number, and sign. To make it more official the letter should show how much you make and your monthly income.
  4. The latest copy of your credit report from Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion to show that you make your payments on time.
  5. Copy of your bank statement, including your savings, account to show if times get rough you’ll have backup funds to pay the rent.
  6. A list of professional references that state that you’re a responsible person that just needs an opportunity.

This is How You Nail the Deal With Any Landlord and Get Approved

If you don’t have a rental history because you’re young and it’s your first time moving out of home here are some pointers that will help:

  • Bring your parent(s) with you, the landlord will see most likely have one of your parents cosign a tailored lease.
  • If you’ve been paying rent at your parent’s house have your parent write a letter of the monthly amount you paid, even if it was a small amount. The landlord will see that you’re responsible and are used to paying rent.
  • Having pets might be a deal-breaker especially if it’s a big dog or more than one. You should ask about the apartment pet rules.
  • This is one of the most important pointers if you’re able to provide a few month’s rent in advance that will show how dedicated you are.

Finding an apartment is difficult as it is and adding the chances of being approved to those odds is an even smaller chance, so being prepared is crucial.

At the same time take your time finding something that fits you, your needs, and your budget. The last thing you want to be is a renter that regrets their apartment.