Renters’ regret, also known as renters’ remorse, refers to the feeling of regret or dissatisfaction that a person may experience after renting an apartment. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including the location of the apartment, the condition of the apartment, the price of rent, or the overall living experience.

One of the most common reasons for renters’ remorse is the location of the apartment. Many people may regret their choice of the apartment if it is too far from their workplace or if it is in an area that they do not feel safe in. Similarly, the condition of the apartment can also be a source of regret for renters. If the apartment is in poor condition, or if it lacks certain amenities or features that the renter desires, it can lead to frustration and disappointment.

Price of Rent

Another factor that can contribute to renters’ remorse is the price of rent. If the renter feels that they are paying too much for their apartment, or if they are struggling to afford their monthly rent payments, it can lead to feelings of regret. Additionally, the overall living experience in the apartment can also play a role in renters’ remorse. If the apartment complex has a loud or disruptive environment, or if the landlord or management is unresponsive or difficult to work with, it can lead to dissatisfaction and regret.

In order to avoid renters’ remorse, it is important for renters to carefully consider all of these factors before making a decision. This can involve doing research on the location and condition of the apartment, negotiating the price of rent, and asking for clarification on any questions or concerns. It may also be helpful to visit the apartment in person and speak with current or former residents to get a sense of the overall living experience.

Overall, renters’ remorse can be a frustrating and disappointing experience, but it can often be avoided by taking the time to thoroughly research and consider all aspects of the apartment and living experience.


1. Renters Regret: The Location

Location is a big deal to most renters; the location will determine how long the commute will be to work. Renters will usually rent an apartment near their workplace to save time and money but this doesn’t always work out sometimes renters will have to drive hours in rush hour just to complete a day’s work. When the location is so out of the way it makes it difficult for the renter to commute and leads to renters’ regret.


2. Renters Regret: The Cost of Rent

The cost of the rent will usually determine what type of apartment the renter will have, the higher the rent the nicer the apartment will usually be, but not everyone will spend thousands of dollars a month for an apartment that they somewhat like. Renters will have to determine the neighborhood the apartment is located in to see if the price is right.

“Renting an apartment should be an exciting time in your life and not a money wasting money machine, high rent and hidden charges is a major reason why many apartment renters regret renting their apartment” – Local Records Office

In Los Angeles County rent prices have been going up so frequently that renters are being forced to move to bad areas just to be able to afford the monthly rent. Other Angelinos are realizing that rent prices are not worth the sunny beaches and the year-round weather anymore and are fleeing to other states. Kansas, Ohio, and Michigan have the cheapest rent and property prices in the United States in 2017 according to online reports.


3. Renters Regret: The Neighborhood

Unlike the location the neighborhood determines the area within the location, for example, an apartment could be in a good location to commute but in a bad neighborhood. The neighborhood plays a big part for renters, a good neighborhood is usually safe and has a low crime rate, the perfect place to raise a family but on the other hand, a bad neighborhood will have gangbangers, graffiti on walls, drugs, alcoholics, and thieves breaking into homes and cars. The community will determine if kids are safe to walk the streets.

“The neighborhood plays a big part of your everyday living, that’s why it’s important that you drive around the neighborhood in the day time and at night, the neighborhood might look completely different at night. New apartment renters get so excited about renting an apartment that they don’t see what type of tenants are in the building, the tenants might be delinquent tenants for all you know, this is a big reason why some folks have renters regret” – Local Records Office

Renters will usually find an apartment quicker in a bad neighborhood due to the over-construction of apartments in the ghetto. These types of areas will rent to people without a background check as long as they have the security deposit and first month’s rent. Many people regret not driving around the neighborhood first to see what kind of area it is before signing a lease.


4. Renters’ Regret: The Size of the Apartment

You found the apartment of your dreams in the neighborhood you wanted, it is only 15 minutes from your job and to make it even better the apartment complex is privately owned so the monthly rent is affordable but after bringing in your furniture and appliances the perfect apartment building just became too small for you and your family this is when “renters regret” starts to kick in. The size of your apartment plays a big part because if it’s too big you will be paying for the extra-unused space but if it’s too small there isn’t enough space. Your apartment will slowly become a jail cell.


5. Renters Regret: The Loud and Nosey Neighbors

I had a neighbor who lived next door to me; this neighbor had a small dog that will bark at anyone and anything that will pass by. The dog will bark day and night and the owners will ignore him and mute him. The barking became so much that it will keep the entire apartment complex up at night, this is when I realized it made a big mistake moving into the building and had renters regret the remaining time on my lease.

“Having loud neighbors is so annoying, there are those neighbors that play loud music, other neighbors disregard the landlord’s rules and sneak their pet in the apartment” – Local Records Office