Q. What’s included in the property profile report package by Local Records Office?

A. Property Details, Real Value, Neighbor Statistics, Criminal Activity, Educational Opportunities, Resident Demographics, Foreclosure Activity, Property History


Q. How long does it take for me to receive my property information package?

A. It usually takes 5-21 business days for you to receive package.


Q. How do I contact Local Records Office?

A. You may contact us by phone at: 1 (800) 790-0721 Monday–Friday or by Email: info@localrecordsoffices.com


Q. Is my Credit Card information safe on this website?
A. Yes. We use the latest SSL security on our site to protect credit card information.
Q. I haven’t received my property information package. What should I do?
A. Give us a call during business hours and we will track or send you another.


Q. I am not interested. Do I still have to pay?
A. No, if you are not interested you do not have to pay.


Q. How do I cancel my order?
A. Canceling your order is easy just give us a call and we will cancel your order.