5 Different Stages We Go Through When Hunting for an Apartment Doesn’t Go Our Way

The thought of finally getting out of your parent’s basement and into a new apartment is one of the best feelings, ever. We have in mind that we will decorate however we like, stay up all night and do whatever we please, but actually “finding” an apartment is completely different.

Not only do you have to have requirements you need to have extra cash saved besides the down payment and the first month’s rent.

The average rent in Los Angeles County in 2017 is $1,233 a month for a 678-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment. And many experts say rent prices aren’t going down anytime soon.

The entire apartment renting market is a big supply-and-demand hell that only renters understand. If you’re right out of college or applying for your first apartment get prepared for a headache apartment searching will cause you. The professionals at the Local Records Office have created 5 different stages apartment renters go through when trying to rent and the ways you could get through it.

Apartment Hunting Stage #1: Denial

When you first start applying for apartments and you think you found “the one” you will go through something called “denial”, this is how it works.

You will send your application to the leasing company expecting to hear from them right away but little do you know 30+ other individuals have applied before you did. You will wait and wait next to your phone thinking they will call you right away.

How to Cope: The solution might be as simple as getting off your computer

5 Different Stages We Go Through When Hunting for an Apartment Doesn’t Go Our Way local records office 1

Get offline and make yourself busy. Thinking about when the leasing office will be calling you will make you sick.

Watch your favorite show to keep your mind busy; we at the Local Records Office know that the renting market has its time when it seems like everyone decided all at once to apply for an apartment and other times landlords can’t seem to fill up the entire building.

Apartment Hunting Stage #2: Anger

Once you apply to a dozen apartment offices you realize why so many people say they “hate looking for a new apartment”. The entire process could be frustrating, from filling out the applications to waiting.

It is normal for someone to feel anger when applying and not knowing if they are even going to go through your application. While you wait and wait you start to realize the downside of each apartment like the kitchen is too small and only one parking spot.

Whatever goes through your mind just remember, “Everything is going to be OK”.

Apartment Hunting Stage #3: Bargaining

You start doing your homework and realize that the cozy apartment next to the lake with the monthly convenience fee of $120 each month is probably too expensive. And that’s not even including electricity bills, gas bills, and other miscellaneous bills that pop up from time to time.

This is when reality starts to sink in; apartment renting is going to be expensive. You start asking yourself “is it better to just stay here with your parents rent-free?”

How to cope: Don’t count on money you don’t have yet, and don’t rely on next month’s paycheck to get you out of today’s problems. This will cause major financial problems in the future.

Apartment Hunting Stage #4: Depression

You finally get a call back from the landlord and he wants to be one of the few people he meets. You get there are realize there are 10 people ahead of you waiting to get interviewed for the apartment too.

Great, my chances went from “definitely getting the apartment” to extra slim. All you could think about is that the families in front of you are much older and most likely have a great history of being renters, while you haven’t even had one.

How to cope: Have ready everything you think the landlord might need or would like to see like references, down payment, first month’s rent, and any other requirements you think he or she would ask for. Remember you want to be ready and would like to make a great first impression.

Apartment Hunting Stage #5: Acceptance

Apartment hunting is a tough game where you don’t have the power to choose who’s going to be the lucky renter or not. Remember that some places are tougher to rent than others and just like people have found their perfect apartment you will find yours too.

If you tried your best but didn’t get what you wanted, keep your head up and start from scratch. Sometimes starting from scratch is the best thing to do. Make a list of your financial statements and see how much you could afford to spend on an apartment each month.

Sometimes we forget to add an expense or add too much money coming in. Do your homework and never give up.