How to Break a Rental Lease Agreement Early Without Penalty 2022 (VIDEO)

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Getting approved to rent an apartment is a dream come true to many, but getting out of the lease is never intended. Apartment renting can be tough when a roommate moves out or the monthly rent goes up. You signed the lease but don’t want to live there anymore, now what? How do you get out of a lease without being sued by the landlord or the management company? The professionals at the Local Records Office broke it down on how you can live without fear of a lawsuit.

1. How to Get Out of the Lease in Los Angeles

Getting out of a lease is not easy in many states. You won’t be able to break a lease for simple reasons like your dog died, your roommate moved out, the apartment doesn’t seem as big as it once did, you need to come up with a really good reason to avoid a lawsuit.

“In order to get out of an apartment lease, you will need a good reason. Some of the reasons our tenants gave us that help them from not being sued are job relocation, the death of a close relative, harassment, and some sort of military assignment. These are only a few examples. Breaking a contract is something landlords don’t take lightly and neither should you,” says, Theodore Carter from Ocean Breeze Management in Los Angeles, California.

2. What if I Just Grew Out of It?

Growing out of an apartment or simply not liking it any more will never work on your part; you need to have a serious issue or excuse. If your apartment needs some serious repairs and the landlord never got to it you may use that as your way out. Make sure not to play the blame game or things can turn ugly quickly. Instead of telling your landlord “you” tell him or her “I”. For example:

“You need to keep your cool and so he or she can keep calm too. “The last thing you want to do is to get on your landlord’s bad side. The landlord has every right to file a lawsuit for breaking the lease that you agreed on” says, Carter.

3. Pay to Break the Lease in Los Angeles, CA

It is common for tenants to pay to break a lease to avoid being sued by the landlord and going to court. The most common fee is to pay the month and not to ask for the security deposit. It’s simple as pay and leaves, don’t ask any questions. Other landlords have fees you need to pay that were listed on the contract you signed when you first got your keys. However, the way you get out of the lease is to make sure to get it on paper and not just verbally. This will help you in the future if anything comes up.

4. Be Respectful When Moving Out

When it’s time to move make sure to be respectful of the unit and the neighbors. Clean up all the trash and don’t leave furniture behind. If something needs to be repaired that you or your family broke to make sure to fix it before leaving the apartment. Breaking a lease doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. With a good enough reason, you can get out of a lease early.