6 Things to Repair to Get Your Security Deposit Back on a Rental (VIDEO)

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Moving out of an apartment can be a stressful time for many, but it can also be an exciting time for others. You have to pack your things, find a way to transport them to your new apartment or house so it’s normal for tenants to forget about the repairs needed before moving out completely. If you’re trying to get your security deposit back from your landlord or management company you need to touch up and repair what needs attention. The professionals at the Local Records Office in Los Angeles, CA created a list to make sure you get your security deposit back.

1. Patch Holes in All the Walls

When you first moved into your lovely apartment you might have never thought you would have to patch the mirror and picture frame holes you did in the drywall. The first thing landlords look for when deciding if the tenant will get their security deposit back is damaged drywall.

Holes in the wall will most likely deny you from receiving your one-to-two month security deposit. To have a higher chance of getting your hard-earned cash make sure to buy drywall filler. Drywall filler is what it sounds like, it fills the tiny nail holes that will make the wall look spotless. After letting the filler dry for a few hours you might need to get the paint to touch it up.

2. If You Painted a Wall Make Sure to Paint it to Its Original Color

Personalizing an apartment is something many tenants do. Adding a fresh layer of paint to the extra will make it look like the perfect man cave. Adding a mellow color to the master bedroom will make it feel more like home. There is nothing wrong with personalizing an apartment. The problem comes when the tenant want’s to leave it as it is and expects a security deposit, nine times out of ten it will never happen.

3. Replace Old or Broken Wall Outlets Plates

Wall outlet plates seem to get thinner and thinner over the years. By replacing the front plates you will make the apartment look cleaner and updated, which means a higher chance of getting your security deposit back. Broken or missing outlet plates are not only ugly but they can also be dangerous especially when kids are around.

4. Clean the Carpet and or Hardwood Floor

Having stained or missing carpet patches is a huge eyesore. Most tenants will not replace the entire carpet so getting it professionally steamed cleaned is the next big thing. An affordable cleaning service will cost around $50-$90 for a good size living room. If you have hardwood floors you can also steam clean them and get the floor to look like new again. Hardwood floor stains easily but it also makes cleaning easy.

5. Replace Miscellaneous Items

Replacing missing door handles or cabinet handles will give you a bigger chance of getting your security deposit back and the good thing about this is that cabinet handles are as cheap as $0.99 at any hardware store. If a closet door is loose make sure to tighten the screws or replace them with bigger and newer ones.

6. Clean

Clean, clean, clean. Cleaning the entire apartment is something that you need to do not only for the security deposit but also for good manners. Start by cleaning the living room, bedroom(s), bathroom, tub, cabinets, and kitchen.