CHICAGO, IL — A young Chicago woman said her Uber Pool driver tried to abduct her Thursday at the end of her ride. The mother of 18-year-old Jasmin Wimbley told news outlets her children will never be in another Uber following the incident Wimbley said happened after two other passengers in the Uber Pool ride were dropped off. According to the news report, Wimbley ordered the group Uber ride Thursday morning, which included two other passengers.

According to Wimbley, after the first passenger was dropped off ,the next stop was supposed to be hers near 47th and King, but the driver skipped her drop off destination, turned off her ride (on the Uber app), and drove to 29th and Calumet to drop off the remaining rider, news outlets reported.

Wimbley told news outlets she tried to get out of the car but her front passenger door was locked, so she had to manually unlock it, before the driver grabbed her jacket as she tried to escape. Wimbley was able to get out and run away local news outlets said. An Uber spokesperson told news outlets the driver was removed and the company is cooperating with investigators.