Brighten up your home with these fun DIY home decor projects. Soft pastels and floral colors bring the celebration of spring into your home. No matter how late this season comes, at least we can prepare by pulling out the Easter baskets and starting on some family fun-filled crafts to make your home flourish during the season. Spring wreaths are cheerful and make a great inviting way to say hello to spring. As you get rid of your old rusty tire, you can transform this rusty ring into a wreath as a work of art for that rustic look.

1. Entry Wall / Hallway Décor

Spray bottle wall art is a simple design where you paint a choice of three or four soft pastels with a mix of bright spring colors on a plain white canvas that will lie on the wall vertically. Spray generously with water to allow the paint to drip down. Once dry, add a golden or silver leaf or a small detail paintbrush as a touch and you will have a brand-new piece of your own personalized artwork hanging, either as is or framed.

2. Living Room Décor

DIY cereal box block letters on the wall create a graphic 3D feature and give off that custom-made vibe that people love when they walk into a room. Simply up-cycle by using the cardboard from cereal boxes, here is a Youtube video that will guide you through each step. A simple and easy spring vignette for your living room table- There is a Pinterest page that has a shallow wicker basket with a clear tall vase filled with golden lilies and another smaller white vase with a live sage plant and is a beautiful yet simple complexion of colors to make your home soft and inviting, and is a simple project that’s also very affordable.

A decorative glass vase gives a touch of wood to ask for modern colors in a design for an easy DIY project that will add some colors and fresh flowers to your desk for the spring. Brushstroke coasters are a great setting for the coffee table to use for drinks.

3. Kitchen Décor

A window-mounted herb garden adds some green to your cooking space and is a practical way to decorate. Dining room table set the table with a runner embedded with flowers or use mini spring floral arrangements to up bring bright and cheery colors. A wildflower centerpiece will make these vintage milk bottles give an arrangement structure and can become a blooming display that later can be used as party favors for your guests.

4. Bathroom

Storage ladders are a convenient way to save money since building for the much-needed storage for your bathroom and painting it a bright color will kill two birds with one stone by saving you money on materials for storage as well as brightening up this room for the springtime. A mason jar soap dispenser can be used for either soap or lotion. These items only cost you $10 and a trip to the hardware store.

5. Laundry Room Décor

Building a repurposed ladder drying rack makes for the perfect cost-effective project that is also beneficial and saves on space.

6. Backyard Décor

Birdhouses are a perfect way to celebrate the return of warm climates as birds return back home, building a birdhouse to hang in your backyard so that you can enjoy watching the birds eat in your backyard. A decorated spring watering can add a simple spring seasonal touch with color art. A colander planter made as a hanging flower pot is a simple and cute spring DIY project that you can use all year long. Stump planters also make a great way to add color and life to an old, rotted stump. Outdoor Bold Fence Mural gives a punch of bright spring color and freshens up your wooden space or privacy wall with a fun, geometric stencil design.