While every couple has their own preference, a survey by the guys at the Black Tux delved into what newlyweds are serving in terms of alcohol at their wedding receptions.

The survey asked 1,200 couples what they types of alcohol they served at their wedding reception, and the results are really varied by state and even by city. The local spirit scene seems to have something to do with what’s served at receptions too, with many cities reporting they serve local craft beer.

Over 85% of wedding serve beer, but in Houston, you’re more likely to see a non-craft domestic beer than a local brew. However, there are a few tidbits about planning a bar menu that is important to remember than where the beer comes from.

Not Everyone Drinks

In Houston, 25.3% of newlyweds said they offered mocktails at their wedding reception. Knowing that not everyone drinks is important because you want your guests to feel welcome. Offering alcohol-free options helps every guest enjoy the evening.

And Nobody Wants to Pay For Their Drinks

Most couples want to provide a bar for their guests to enjoy. Most of the weddings in Houston have had an open full bar, with others offering a limited selection of their favorite liquors and drinks. Generally speaking though, nobody wants to pay for a drink at a wedding where they’re a guest. BYOB should be reserved for house parties. With exactly zero couples reporting a BYOB bar at their wedding reception, we know Houston isn’t on board with this type of bar.

But Everyone Likes Vodka

There are a bunch of different options when it comes to what type of alcohol people want to serve at their wedding. One thing is very clear – vodka is the most popular liquor added to the cocktails served at receptions in Houston. Overall, really — it seems like everyone is happy when the drink includes vodka.