8 Clever DIY Hacks to Create a Stress-free Apartment

Renters in Pekin, IL Are Using These 8 Clever Hacks to Create a Stress-free Apartment - Local Records Office

Creating a stress-free living environment can impact many factors in your life, by influencing your mood with bright natural or artificial light can improve depression or anxiety. The impacts of your behaviors –based on your motivation on whether you have a clutter-free entryway or take the time to put things away.

Facilitates or discourages interactions –by having comfortable seating arrangements for guests. Overall, your personal environment can either create or reduce stress. It may also impact your overall emotional and physical health, as well as your longevity!

And as people typically spend time in their homes as their sanctuary or way to escape reality, the Local Records Office offers some guidance in creating a peaceful and tranquil environment to help you escape reality and some key ways to revamp your apartment.

Enlarging the space with lights and mirrors –will make your apartment feel more inviting

While the space inside an apartment is tiny and you are looking to enlarge the area to make it more inviting for any guests, using lights will make your space seem brighter and more open and floor-length mirrors will catch the light and add more dimension to your room. A combo of the two will be an inexpensive way to make your space appear to be bigger.

Promote balance in your life –and in your apartment

Feng shui design is not the easiest task, especially when your apartment is overcrowded, but is well worth it. Position your furniture in smooth transitions to create separate areas for work and play.

Feng shui techniques also suggest that you position your bed to face the entire room to give a sense of control. Which is extremely vital when you do not have much of that at work.


Clutter is a huge issue in making your apartment smaller and can even be detrimental to your health. Get rid of any duplicate items, and sell items you do not need to make some extra cash. Ottomans and vintage suitcases that act as a nightstand and storage act as double-duty storage and cut down on space.

Reorganize with colors and nice smells that soothe anxieties

Colors have a drastic effect on moods, pick faded, muted hues or add accent pieces or even wall drapes. You can also find temporary wallpaper in different shades and /or patterns.

Lavender is very soothing and calm when inhaled. Light a candle or add some lavender oil to a diffuser to get a restful night of sleep. Lavender can also be added to your pillow or even a calming bath –to unwind with calming scents.

Built-in shelves

Shelves make for convenient ways to add focal points, just remember to keep it simple by building off your current décor; adding a variety of different objects of sizes and shapes and painting the walls behind them by adding contrasting colors or even wallpaper or fabric will create a bolder focal point.


Having a rug will also add color and give your apartment some warmth. It is a simple decoration that is comforting and pulls the whole room together.


Add life and also add color to your space. Having a couple of flowers or two can really liven up the room and bring a sense of peacefulness and relaxation to your apartment or room.

Break up your daily routine -by taking up a hobby

As most of us are stuck in the daily routine by getting up at the sound of your alarm and commuting the same route to work each day. It is not hard to get frustrated by your life where every day feels repetitious and monotonous. Creative hobbies offer you a welcome break from routine and have been proven to improve everyday emotional well-being.