NEW YORK CITY — If you can’t always give thanks for the subway, at least you can give thanks on the subway.

L train straphangers served up a massive Thanksgiving dinner on a Brooklyn L train Sunday night, according to video taken by Andrew Toranzo on his way home.

“[I] randomly came across this group serving thanksgiving dishes to everyone,” Toranzo told Patch via Instagram. “Never saw so many people smiling on the subway before!!”

The group set up a full spread on a cloth-draped table as the train approached Graham Avenue, the video shows.

“Everybody gets their plates, sit down and eat,” one rider shouts.

The crowd on the train takes pictures and laughs.

This is not the first time a subway car has hosted a festive, celebratory dinner. Last year a Brooklyn woman had a lobster dinner with friends on the J train to celebrate her birthday.