MIAMI, FL — American universities dominate U.S. News & World Report’s rankings of 2020’s best global universities, a list that evaluates 1,500 schools across the globe on academic research and reputation. Florida had eight schools on the list.

The global rankings differ from U.S. News’ rankings of the best colleges and best graduate schools. The publication explains that no data from either of those two lists factors in compiling the global university rankings.

According to the rankings, eight of the world’s top 10 best universities are in the United States. Overall, 249 schools in the United States — the most of any country— made the list, including the eight schools in Florida.

Harvard University ranked no.1 on the list, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley and Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

U.S. News stresses that the newly released rankings specifically focus on academic research and overall reputation of the schools and not on the undergraduate and graduate programs. In the global rankings, schools are also assessed in subjects like business, economics, engineering and computer science. The individual subject rankings are intended to measure a school’s global position in a field.