4 Worst Types of Landlords You Will Have When Renting an Apartment

4 of the Worst Landlords You Will Ever Have While Renting an Apartment - local records office

Landlords could be your friend or your worst enemy and when they become your worst enemy. Landlords know they have the power to make your life a living hell for the remaining time on the lease.

Some landlords will complain about the noise, while others complain about you coming in and out of your own apartment. Whatever way your landlord is giving you a hard time here are the 4 worst ways that top those.

The Landlords That Are Never to be Seen but Yet Hears Everything That Goes on

These are the type of landlords that are never around when renters need repairs. But are the first ones at your door when the rent is due? Not only is the landlord never there for repairs he or she is impossible to get a hold of, they never answer the phone and rarely call back.

“If the landlord is never able to pick up the phone he or she should have an emergency number or even a secretary who will return the calls for him” says, Grace Franco a multi-property owner in Olympia, WA.

If the landlord continues to ignore your calls and or emails it’s probably time to give the landlord a daily call until it gets his attention, it might be annoying but at least you will get your repair done.

Another way to get the landlord’s attention is by sending him a letter every time you send in your money order or check for rent. If the money orders or check get cashed you’ll know that he received the complaint letter.

If you still don’t get a response after calling every day, sending him letters with the rent, it might be time to withhold rent, even though this is rarely a good idea some people have no other choice but to take this route.

Keep in mind that this method might damage your rental history and even in some rare cases get you evicted. In some states this is an option but not in all.

The Landlords Without A Barrier

Unlike the landlord that is never around this one is around way too much, he’s around when you’re throwing away trash, he’s around when you walk to your car, and he’s around all the time, these types of property owners will have you having renters remorse.

“In some states it is perfectly legal for the landlord to randomly pop up without notice”, says Kendra Sanders 10 years landlord in Los Angeles, CA. “Landlords want to know what activity goes around in their building so they will stick around, sometimes it will be uncomfortable, you will need to know how to deal with it” says Local Records Office.

There’s have been reports where landlords will barge into a tenant’s apartment unit without notice. It will cause the tenant to freak out, sometimes the tenant will call the police and file a report.

You need to make it clear that you don’t want him or her in your apartment without you knowing.

“If your landlord continues to enter your apartment without any notice you should send him or her a letter along with the rent letting him know that you are not ok with that and if it continues you will contact an attorney to file a suit” says, Sanders.

The Landlords Who is Too Lazy

The lazy landlord is one of the worst since tenants will have to wait much longer for repairs. The annoying leaky faucet will continue to leak; the clogged toilet will continue to be clogged while the landlord is nowhere to be seen.

“If the landlord continues to ignore your request there are is something called ‘repair and deduct’. Where the landlord will have the tenant fix it and will be deducted from the next months rent” says, Henry Kroger an investment business man in Norwalk, CA.

“You have to make sure the landlord receives your request on paper and not just a voice message or email. If repairs needs are not met you are eligible to file a suit in court” says, Kroger.

The Best Friend Landlord

What could be better than being BFF’s with your landlord who is your next-door neighbor? Your landlord might be a good guy to hang out with when you a BBQ or to have a cold beer with on the weekend don’t get too excited.

Even though he might rush to get fix the repairs that you need the yearly rent increase might take a toll on your friendship.

If your landlord BBF doesn’t increase your rent the other tenants might get a rent increase and start to hold a grudge against you for having special benefits.

If you don’t want to deal with a bad landlord you could always go from renting to buying a home.