Real Estate Agents Wish You Knew These 4 Things Before Buying a House

Real Estate Agents Wish You Knew These 4 Things Before Buying a House - local records office

Buying a house isn’t as easy as many online articles make it seem. There is definitely more money, though, and prep work that goes into buying real estate and being a homeowner. Buying a house is not something people do every day, it’s understandable if you might be worried or intimidated. The thing about real estate is that there is always someone who is willing to help. Hiring an agent guide you through the buying process is the best way to go.

Before you get into your buying mode you should know what agents wish you knew before buying a house.

Before You Even Think About Buying a House, Know What You Could Afford

If finding the perfect house was easy as pressing a magic button, things will be easier but there isn’t. For most people, money doesn’t grow on trees, which means their finances must be taken into consideration. So don’t waste your time or your real estate agents’ time before you know what price range you can afford. It’s like shopping for a Rolls Royce on minimum wage.

The easiest and fastest way is to type your income, savings, and other information into a home affordability calculator. Better yet, get your hands on a mortgage pre-approval letter; the process should involve a mortgage lender checking out your finances and deciding how much it’s willing to loan you to buy a house.

“If you want to speed up the process having the pre-approval letter ready will definitely help you save some time” says, Ramona Dean a realtor with Century 21 in Norwalk, CA. “Keep in mind that your loan is not guaranteed, it will remove any possibilities that you won’t secure financing.

Avoid Calling the Listing Agent

Calling the listing agent in the ad is a classic rookie mistake, why? Just the buyers the sellers have their own agent. Ideally, the people who are going to talk about the property are the agents while taking their client’s questions and concerns to see if a deal that both parties are happy with can be done.

“In the real estate world calling an agent directly implies that you don’t trust your agent and that you and your agent are thinking two different things,” says, Aaron Montgomery a real estate agent in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “Calling the agent on your own will basically tell the agent you have no guidance and that you are venerable to be taken advantage of” says, Montgomery.

Don’t Bad Mouth the Real Estate Agent Who is Helping You Buy a House

Talking about other people is never a good idea and this isn’t any different when it comes to your agent. Agents talk to other agents and word gets around when someone is badmouthing them so this is a bad idea. Talking bad is not the only way someone is able to talk about other agents, telling other people of the deals or connections an agent might have is another way some may consider a red flag.

“You might think it’s only talking but some people might take it as bad mouthing and might even lose a good deal over someone spreading rumors.” Says, Timothy Stevenson a realtor in Chicago, Illinois. “You might say how much he or she is charging you and another agent might want to charge you less to steal your business from his or her competitor” says, Local Records Office in Los Angeles.

Sharing information is something that you are not supposed to do.

You Don’t Have to See Every Single House in a 100-Mile Radius

Looking at every single house in a 100-mile radius is something from the past; with the technology, we currently have we’re able to view and plan from the comfort of your home.

“If you decide to go with the old school way and look at the properties in person before looking at them online you will be driving all day and night. It is easier to look at properties online and pick the few that you’re interested in looking and go from there” says, Francisco de la Cruz an agent in southern California.