Want to sell your home? The COVID-19 pandemic has put small businesses out of business, thousands are out of work, and not to mention all the deaths. The real estate market has gone down in price drastically but homebuyers are still buying and home sellers are still selling. There is still good news, home sellers can still sell their homes with owner financing.

What Does it Mean to Sell a House With Owner Financing?

When you sell a house with owner financing, you act as both the seller of the home and the lender. Instead of getting a bank involved, you will take the down payment and monthly payment directly from the buyer.

Why Sell a House With Owner Financing?

This can be beneficial for a few reasons. First of all, it is beneficial to the buyer. You decide your own credit requirements, so you might choose to let someone who has a lower credit score or who hasn’t had a job for very long purchase the house. It can be beneficial to you as well for a few reasons. First of all, it’s generally easy to find people who want to purchase homes.

Those who have a hard time getting financed for a traditional bank loan will be more likely to be interested in your home, so you might not have to wait as long for a seller. You will receive the down payment yourself, and the payment will be spread out, which means that you’ll get monthly payments. Plus, if the buyer defaults on the loan, you’ll receive the home back while still getting to keep the money that was already paid to you.

How to Sell a House With Owner Financing?

If you are interested in selling a house, you are first going to need to find a good lawyer. You will need to have paperwork written up so that you will be protected in the purchase and so that everything will be legal says the Local Records Office.

Finding a good buyer is necessary. You can advertise your owner-financed home in the same way that you would advertise any home for sale, such as in your local real estate advertisement, in the local newspaper, and online.

You will need to be pretty strict when looking for someone to purchase your home. For example, you will probably want to look for someone who has a steady income and who can afford to make the payments. You may also want to look at your credit score; although you probably can’t get away with being as strict as a bank and still have interested buyers, you will probably want to look for red flags to ensure that you are getting a responsible buyer who will make his or her payments on time.

Ready to Sell

When the time is right the house will sell. Selling a house is not a one-day to the other thing be patient and enjoy the experience. If you find yourself stuck there is a ton of information online and many counties offer homeowners services.