Most of us want to live in an incredibly big house with lots of space decorated to our liking unfortunately, our dreams don’t come true as fast as we want them to. To get to our wonderful house we first need to plod through a couple of not-so-wonderful accommodations. When living in a crowded city like Bellflower, California it can be hard to find an apartment that may fulfill all your dreams, especially if you are on a budget.

If you are lucky enough, you’ll find a studio that is the size of a post stamp and you’ll enjoy it. While a studio apartment might appear to be a horrible accommodation solution, there are ways you can reap the benefits of it and create your particular paradise.

Hack Your Apartment by Creating Separate Levels

A smart idea that may help you to make the most of your studio is to create distinct levels. Get creative with your bedroom and create a feeling of separate rooms. To get more privacy, you can divide your room with a room divider or curtain. Think ahead and add extra storage below your upper level. Take everything into consideration and locate a way to reap the benefits of this upper level, according to the Local Records Office.

Where Will Your Bed Be?

If you don’t want to waste time building the upper-level bedroom, then at least use a bed that may double as storage. This way you simply won’t have to keep your covers, clothes, or anything else that doesn’t belong insight around your small studio. What better way is to lose all the clutter and keep the place tidy and neat?

Use Every Inch of Your Apartment

Go vertical. When you are coping with a tiny space, you ought to use every inch of the room. This means that you’ll go vertical. Invest in floating wall shelves that offer you the chance to store things and decorate your walls.

What Color Will Your Apartment Walls Be?

Carefully find the perfect color. Painting your walls in a light color will help you to make your apartment look bigger and more open. If there is anything a studio apartment needs, it is actually space, even if it is merely an illusion. But, you do not have to live in a bland space. Then add activity pops of color by using accessories.

Brilliant Ideas to Add Space in a Small Apartment – Video

Add foldable or adaptable furniture. Don’t waste your space with furniture that has only one purpose. Tables come in any foldable version, and they could look amazing. Use it as it’s needed, and then just fold it away if you are over. When buying furniture, it is advisable to think ahead. Find the one that may help you to create more space within your studio.

Sofa vs. Bed vs. Futon

Another way to help your apartment look bigger is to buy a futon. A futon is a couch and a bed all in one. During the day you will have your futon folded and at night it will be spread out.