Becoming a successful real estate agent is a dream many people have. But it’s not as easy as studying and passing a test. It takes much more than that; you need to have direct connections to agents who have been doing it for decades and have led to buyers who are ready to buy. Many studies have shown that more than 50 percent of real estate agents fail to become successful in the first few years.

The Local Records Office listed six ways to stand out from the rest and make a good living from selling real estate as a beginner.

1. Find Different Ways to Educate Yourself on the Latest Real Estate Trends and Laws

The laws and trends are constantly changing so you need to learn about these changes quickly to stay relevant among the millions of real estate agents.

Educational websites like offer courses for real estate agents, brokers, appraisals, real estate licenses, engineers, and much more. also lets you search for the top real estate agents who have a solid educational background in the field and in your area. The website also gives you the option to message them for questions.

Another great website is, this website provides data about the latest laws and trends. Bookmark these websites on your computer or mobile device because you will be using them in the future.

2. Choose Your Brokerage Wisely

Once you become a licensed real estate agent you will need to find a brokerage who will help you ‘hang your license’ also known as your sponsor. This will be one of the most important steps because you will be affected by the people you surround yourself with. Finding a great broker will help you to succeed.

3. Take Risks Every Chance You Get

Don’t be afraid to be a risk-taker, research done by Zillow in 2021 said that agents regret not taking more chances at the beginning of their careers. Taking risks will increase your chances of standing out from the rest of the boring real estate agents. Brad Davison a real estate broker in Los Angeles, California said,

”Once I started breaking out of my shy shell and started doing me I noticed my business quadrupled in profit. I was doing so good I had multiple meetings a day. I was booked for months in advance, I just wished I would have started earlier in my career.”

4. Treat All Your Clients Like They Were Your First

Treating your clients like they‘re gold will get you good reviews and recommendations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sale on the smallest house in the city or a mansion in Beverly Hills, California; treat every transaction like it’s the most important yet. It will pay off in the future.

5. Get Motivated

Get motivated by listening to real estate agent podcasts, real estate shows on TV, and on the radio. Motivation is key, one thing that some agents might not think about is to stay active, go to the gym, and clear your mind.

6. Have a Solid Mentor

Having someone to learn from is important for the mind and self-growth. Getting advice from a mentor who has experienced various obstacles and can give you advice will help you avoid unnecessary problems.

“You will face difficult decisions, having a mentor to rely on is important, you don’t have the answers to everything. I can’t stress this enough. I have four mentors and I wouldn’t know what to do with them. My team and I learn something new every time” says, Davidson.